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Tips for Betting in a Live Roulette Game

Roulette is a famous casino game that involves betting on the position of the roulette ball in each spin of the roulette wheel. Live casinos are becoming quite popular among online gamblers. These are a perfect way to enjoy online gambling in a real-like but virtual casino environment with an actual dealer and players. If you are looking for some live roulette gaming tips, you can find some here.

Playing in a live roulette casino will give you almost the same level of excitement and fun as you get in a real casino roulette game. However, to get the best out of your game, you need to know the strategies and rules of a live roulette casino. Here are some tips to get started.

Tips for Betting in a Live Roulette Game

Live Roulette Casino Rules and Playing Strategy

Remember that in a live roulette game, you are playing against the casino/dealer and not against a robot and so, the rules of actual casinos also apply here. Here’s how the game is played in a live casino.

There will be a real roulette table and a live dealer managing the game. If a round is already in progress, you’ll have to wait until it is finished. Then, you can start placing your bets. First, click on the chips of the value you want to bet and then click on the bet area to add one chip there. Right-click on it to remove one chip.

When everyone has placed their bets, the dealer spins the wheel. The winners are paid based on the outcome of the spin.

There are two major types of bets in roulette - inside bet and outside bet.

An inside bet is placed on the numbers that are in the center of the roulette wheel while outside bets are placed on the remaining numbers or series of numbers. A live roulette game usually has five types of inside bets and eight types of outside bets.

It is important to know the different types of bets to be able to make the right betting choices. As you may already know, one can either choose to bet on a single number on the wheel, which is also the highest paying bet in roulette, or bet on a series of numbers based on colour, location, etc. The risk is highest in straight (single number) bets since the wage requirements are quite high and the odds of the ball hitting a specific number are quite low. This is why it is usually beneficial to bet on multiple numbers at the same time.

The more numbers you bet on, the lower will be your payout but higher will be your chance of winning. A great live roulette strategy is to divide your betting wage among several different numbers.

Here’s what a normal roulette pay-table looks like:

Bet coverage (numbers)
Type of Bet
1 number
Straight up
Highest, usually 35 to 1
2 numbers
6 numbers
Line bet
12 numbers
Column bet
18 numbers
Color bet, Odd/Even
Lowest, usually 1 to 1

There is normally a minimum wager requirement of a roulette table, called the minimum table bet. All your bets in a single spin must be equal or higher than this value.

Live Roulette playing tips

The basic difference between an online roulette and a live roulette game is that the latter is played on a real table and follows all the rules of a real casino roulette game. That means all the strategies that work in an actual roulette table game can also work in live roulette.

Here are some other tips to follow while playing roulette in a line casino.

  • It is a common misconception that every roulette wheel is slightly imbalanced to give out certain numbers more than others. However, this is not true in the case of live gambling.
  • Make sure to have an adequate betting budget before you start playing at a casino. You wouldn’t want to bet what you do not own.
  • Keep a control on your emotions while betting.
  • Learn to read the wheel and the frequency of numbers occurring in subsequent spins to be better able to make the next number predictions.
  • Avoid the inside bets if you are looking to stay in the game for a long time.

Playing at a live casino is almost like playing at a real casino, except for the added convenience and portability. Be good and treat other players and the dealer with respect when playing live roulette online.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Know The Process To Make More Money From Sports Betting

Know The Process To Make More Money From Sports Betting

Sports Betting is an industry that rising leaps and bounds with each passing day. Billions of dollars are being bet every year over the numerous sportsbooks. There are such huge numbers of sportsbooks out there with their competitive pricing to allure more and more users. Being a gambler, you all must have wondered the reasons to win more and more from the sports betting. 

Not all are very successful in the betting arena and few are very fortunate to win more and more regularly. So, what are the different strategies they use? Or is there any recipe for the win at the sports betting? The answer is big no, but, it's fact that winners have used the same basic procedure very effectively and analytically. In this article, we are going to inspect all the factors that can help you win more from the sports betting.

How to Win at Sports Betting?

We all know that to win, you need to be better than your opponent, and for this situation, you must be better than your sportsbook. Thus, think about working of sportsbook and analyze its methodology for the putting of the odds. Most of the bookmakers focus on bigger, most popular sports, as that is the place the book will profit.

You might wonder that what happens to the other smaller sports events. And the number of people involved in compiling these odds? A sportsbook may simply have a couple of people for putting forward the odds in the betting or perhaps one individual will different sports where a market quiet.

There is a lot to learn from the above scenario. You must evaluate, from where you can make the profit? For this situation, it will be in the smaller and less popular sports and less known markets. As a bettor, if you somehow managed to work all these then you get into the hands of the bookmakers and this will always put you on the leverage. By Specializing you'll be able to figure out the amounts that can be put for the bet. Believe you can imply your analyzation properly you can never be on the losing side but be sure to practice hard before betting to get the perfect odds.

Analyse Odds Like Bookmakers

Thinking like the bookmakers is important as it will help you get through the perspective of the bets. Bookmakers generally put on bets based upon the thinking of the general public and if you will able to figure out their minds, you can be on the advantage. They often tend to keep the odds on either side with a balanced calculation to analyze the commissions they have to pay. If you are smart enough to analyze the value points from the bookmaker's point of view, you will be able to garner more value points from your betting.

Understanding The Concept Of Value:

Understanding the value of your bet is very important as in the lack of it you can't make the profit out of your sports betting. Many times we might be cent percent sure that a particular team is going to win, hence, we are more inclined to bet on that. But, have you realized that the betting on the favorites is not going to help make money. In lieu to make your bet valuable, you need to think out of the box and must imply some orthodox methods to gain the full value your bets.

Bet On Underdogs

Underdogs of the tournament can help you win big. So, before the start of any sports tournament have your data prepared for all the underdogs and try to bet on them when their value points are high to bet upon. This strategy can help you win a lot of money from the smaller bets made for them. You just need to keep an eye on underdog teams and when they start performing well, put your money on them to have the benefits.

Avoid Big Bets

While online betting never try to attain your betting goals from fewer bets. Always, have broader plans for the whole tournament and play with compassion. The better strategy and the composer in your bets is the key to succeed in the online betting world. Analyse the very situation logically and analytically based ion the value points of the bets rather than going emotionally about your bets. Put your stakes on the better value points, which in return will minimise your chances of losing.

Have Long-Term Goals

Betting is not something that can turn your fortune into the overnights. You must keep yourself highly disciplined while betting, throughout the season, to keep yourself on the winning pads after the end of it. Never make short-term goals and go vigorously on it, as it can cost you heavily. The best way to play the online betting is to be disciplined with your bets and have strategies for the whole tournament.

Maintain Records Of Your Betting:

In the long term betting process you need to keep the records very intact. Keep the tracks of all the bets, stakes, loss and win. This data can help you get through the critical data and can be used in the future bets. In the absence of complete data of your online betting, you can miss the track of your win or loss evaluation. Missing these can hamper you in the future bets as well. So, you need to be very disciplined while making bets online and if you want a hefty amount of money through it.

Try Hands At in-play betting

With regards to sports betting, most of us tend to concentrate on pre occasion wagering. This can be a lucrative methodology for many of us, but if you truly need to be an advanced sports bettor, you should include in-play betting style in your arsenal. By wagering in-play, you can adjust to the conditions that have happened to a specific point. This enables you to measure how the members are performing and what they look like on completing with regards to that event of betting.

There is frequently a ton of significant value if you are capable enough to figure out the next move and what has happened so far in that event. This is basically when you are viewing an event live. The individuals who have the experience and ability to know when the tides are going to change in the favor of the underdog and that is the point when you have to strike and hit the bookmakers. If you have the range of abilities, you will keep yourself up than many bettors.

Understand The Odds And Sportsbooks

Some sportsbooks have offers where you may get improved odds in specific circumstances (in a soccer for instance, if a first objective scorer scores again you may get double the original odds). In this case, also the value of the bet is easily detectable and is an extraordinary circumstance to be in. There numerous websites that offer the facility to compare odds and one can use this to get the best value for the bet by finding the best prices on offer. These websites are exceptionally valuable and all the bettors out there are advised to use this to get the information about the best odds for your wager. One such website is Bet888win that offers sports betting in Singapore.

There are various thought with regards to sports betting and every one claims to be superior to the other. But, we have to understand that these all have their own qualities and shortcomings. You will have to create your own strategies and methods for the sports betting with deeper thoughts and analyzation to be successful in the Sports betting filed.  

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The Best Jacks Or Better Tips And Strategy To Win

How to Play and Win at Jacks or Better Tips

Jacks or Better video poker is one of the best casino games with the top odds that are offered at the casino. The best odds of Jacks or Better video poker, the 9/6 variation, has a payback level of 99.5%, which is preferred for the player looking for the best odds at the casino. Even 8/5 Jacks or Better has a payout level of 97.3%, which is worst in this format but at the same time far superior to most wagers on most other casino games.

However, keeping in mind the end goal to appreciate the high payback rate, you need to play Jacks or Better with some great strategy. The casinos assess that players who don't have a specific playing strategy are paying at the rate of 2% and 4%, which is a very significant number for the casinos.

The Best Jacks Or Better Tips And Strategy To Win

Significance Of The Best Jacks

Consider the normal hourly loss of a player who's running consistently with the mathematical estimation of the game. If he/she is making 600 bets for every hour at $1.25 per bet, so she's putting $750 every hour. With a house edge of 0.5%, he/she can hope to lose $3.75 every hour. If he/she gambles for ten hours then the total loss will be $37.50.

Now let's take an example of another player, who is ignorant of Jacks or Better video poker methodology and just follows his instincts. Suppose he is losing 4.5% of his bet, which implies that he is losing much more than the player discussed above other. Toward the finish of the outing, he would be losing $337.50.

Process to Develop Expertise On Jacks or Better strategy

The software can decide the expected value of any given hand and you must be knowing that there are 32 different approaches to play any given hand, but just a single way can be the best for the player. The more often you play a hand in similar fashion, the lower house edge you will be getting.

There are 2.5 million distinctive ways of playing hands in video poker, and remembering this is impossible. However, one can memorize some of it to be on the benefiting side. Let's consider that 55% of your hands will lose, you can see that in this situation the strategy can be limited choices can be limited. In a couple of jacks or better will make up 21% of the number of winning hands you get. Also, remember that the three of a kind, two pairs, and a pair of jacks, make up 70% of the total returns in this form of the casino games.

Process To use A Jacks Or Better Strategy

Every table of the Jacks or Better consist of the several lists of hands and most often the player starts with the top and then moves down. After that follow the game with the strategy given there. Also, the different forms of jacks have different charts to offer. It must be noted that in some case the house edge is 0.5%, which is still a better odd for the player. Do remember that here we are considering this for 9/6 Jacks or Better game.

Jacks or Better Strategy Chart

1. Always go with any 2 pairs or better-paying combination, avoid it only if you have a 4 card of the royal flush. If you have a 4 card royal flush, then should draw the royal flush.

2. Use any 4 cards for a straight flush.

3. Try to keep any pair of jacks or better.

4. Go with 3 cards to a royal flush.

5. Use any 4 cards to a flush.

6. Always keep any pair lower than jacks or better.

7. Use any 4 cards open for the straight draw.

8. Store any unsuited AKQJ.

9. Retain any 2 suited high cards.

10. Store any 3 cards to a straight flush.

11. Retain any unsuited KQJ.

12. Retain any 2 unsuited high cards.

13. Retain any K, Q, or J if you have a 10 of the same suit.

14. Always keep any single high card.

15. throw away all 5 cards and draw a new hand.

One of the primary methods behind most video poker techniques is that you need the machine to deal; your hands. In case you're given a winning hand, you will once in a while dispose of any of those cards to get something else. The special case is 4 cards to a royal flush, and that exemption is on the grounds that the payout on that hand is so high compared to the others. You'll see that a considerable measure of the Jacks or Better procedure is for the royal flush and one can get this royal flush once in 40,000 or so hands. On the off chance that you have four cards to a royal flush, you'll generally go with that.

It must be noted that the Jacks or Better strategy requires a more paly to remember 15 lines of rules/guidelines. It may seem very tough but believe me, it's much easier strategy to follow than the most others. If you can master these 15 lines then you can easily move up to a more advanced strategy with 21 lines of rules/guidelines. So, guys imply the above strategies to be on the winning side while playing the Jacks Or Better online or offline. you can get the free trial of this at our Bet888win site.

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Online Gambling - A Guide To Casino Games On Social Media

Online Gambling - A Guide To Casino Games On Social Media

Social gambling is one of the latest forms of online gambling. It eliminates the need for visiting a casino or an online gambling site to play your favourite games. Many social media sites, including Facebook, now provide online gaming options through dedicated apps to their users.

You can play slots, lottery, poker, blackjack and a number of other popular games through these social media apps. Even many online casinos are providing their users with options to play through their social accounts and with their social media (Facebook) friends. If you are looking to learn more about online social gambling and its impacts, you’ve come to the right place.

The Growth of Online Social Gambling

The social aspect of gambling is not very new. Even in old times, people used to prefer to play in groups at casinos in Malaysia. Even many physical casino designs are created such as to allow players to chat while gambling, especially while playing slots.

The social gambling, as seen today, refers to the act of gambling on social media. As I mentioned before, there are a number of social media platforms where you can gamble for real money. These games are launched and operated by online gambling operators on Facebook, Google+ and other social sites to bring more traffic from these platforms. However, the real money gambling is still limited to specific countries.

Zynga, which is a famous online gaming company, started providing the first real money poker service on Facebook in early 2014, however, the service was limited to their U.K. players.

Facebook, which is the most popular social media site, is also a leading platform when it comes to social gambling online. According to a report, around 61% of all social media gamblers do it on Facebook. Even after the introduction of real money social gambling, most users still prefer to play free games on these sites. This is clear indication of the popularity and a bright future of free gaming apps in the social gambling market.

As of now, the social gambling industry is worth over $2.7 billion, with Facebook being the major contributor. Even though most of the casino games offered on Facebook are free to play, the operators are earning quite good money through their in-game advertisements and other offers. Free slots, free blackjack, and Texas Hold’em poker are some of the most popular free casino games on Facebook.

The best benefit of social gambling is that you can play with friends, strangers or even by yourself.

The growth of social casinos can be figured by the fact that many major online casinos are moving to popular social sites with their services, and the existing ones are already pulling millions of users from Facebook and other sites. Thousands of online social gamblers are willing to pay real cash in exchange for in-game accessories, currency, and other benefits. This is how online gambling operators make money.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social gambling

According to a research held in 2017, around 14% of social gamblers are full-time employees who play at work on regular basis. A big part (almost half) of online social gamblers are female.

The most common benefit of social gambling, as you can probably imagine, is social interaction. When you are playing with your friends or even with strangers, you are likely to be more interested in the game and feel more into it.

Another major benefit of social casino gambling is that it is free. If you can control your urge to use in-game accessories and offers while playing, you can continue playing your favourite games such as blackjack, slots, free poker, and lottery games for as long as you want without even paying a single penny.

Free gambling on Facebook gives you a wonderful opportunity to practice your gambling skills and learn new games without paying any money.

Social gambling is also one of the best ways to relieve work stress and get relaxed by playing in a friendly environment with actual friends.

The share button on Facebook gives you the ability to share the news of your wins and your gaming score with your friends and let them be a part of the fun.

Another great benefit is the large range of games available on these social casinos, especially on Facebook, where you can play online slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and even some games that aren’t yet available in any physical casino.

Last but not least, you can share reviews and recommendations with your friends of the gambling apps that you use and like.

However, social gambling is not all good. There are some negative aspects as well of this type of online gambling. One of these things is that it is not easy to differentiate between good and bad games on Facebook since almost anyone can create and offer a casino game here.

Another problem is that these social games do not allow you to win real money. Yes, you can spend money on accessories and offers, but you cannot win it back or make a real profit even if you win big.

The best social casino games

Now that you know almost everything there is to know about online social gambling, here are a few games you can start with. Do not invest any real money unless you are actually confident in your game and trust the website to be fair.


The game was launched in 2009 by the gaming company Zynga and has been doing really well since. It is a farming simulation game and is presently available on Facebook and some other sites. It is free to play the game, however, you might have to pay real money to buy in-game accessories, coins, etc. It can be accessed through any Facebook account for free.


It is another very popular social media game developed by Zynga. The game is similar to FarmVille, except that users build cities instead of farms in this game. It became instantly popular when it was launched in 2010. It can also be accessed on Facebook through a desktop or mobile app.


For slot maniacs, this is the best online social game out there. The game allows users to play slots through a dedicated mobile app or on Facebook. It is similar to an online slots game and can be accessed on Facebook. You can play the game with your friends or by yourself.

Zynga Poker

This is one of the most famous online social casino games. Zynga presently offers four casino games on Facebook, namely Zynga Poker, Zynga Poker Classic, Hit it Rich!, and Wizard of Oz Slots. Zynga Poker is a free Texas Hold ’Em Poker game that can be played on Facebook. If you prefer the classic poker design, go for Zynga Poker Classic.

DoubleDown Casino games

DoubleDown Casino is an online social casino that offers a range of social games, including free poker, free slots, free bingo, free blackjack, and free video poker, to be played on Facebook. There is also a dedicated mobile app for the casino which you can download to play all these games on your mobile device.

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Why Should You Online Gambling With Bitcoin?

Why Should You Online Gambling With Bitcoin

Growing trend has adapted the bitcoin in the right sense and it has become a one-stop solution for many problems including online purchasing of products and services and playing of Bitcoin-friendly casino games.

The reason behind Bitcoin being the most frequently used currency for many gamblers to pay online is the decentralization layout of the Bitcoin. Most of the players are fed up with surrounding government rules and regulations restricting them in term of what to do and what to not with their own money.

The digital currency is trying to make the playing field equal and we can accumulate for the better as well. This move is to empower your average accumulation of money, but at the same time require your concern to utilize it wisely as well.

The main reason for selling point of any kind of Bitcoin Casino is that the games played are definitely fair in consideration as it is knitted around an algorithm that makes the users check the occurrence of how a deck of cards was shuffled. 

More relevantly, it wipes out the phenomena of a casino contorting at the permission of player with the software. In case of foul play happens, it provides the rights to the player to go beneath to find out about the suspicion. One more attribute of the stride is that it removes the chances of certificating the body and third-party auditing.

Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin

For withdrawing the cash won by player in conventional approach based online casino, they require mandatory steps of registration in lieu of providing valid proof in form of bank statements and a personal document detailing. 

These steps are not required to fulfill when you are dealing with Bitcoin as it shunts all the conventional monetary transactions, and the operators do not adhere with a critical collection of documents and data from the players as they are using digital currency.

The customers using Bitcoin only require rendering information like an email address and username. Although, it can be problematic as even minors can hide behind the doors. Fortunately, certain top performing online casino operators are regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) norms which accommodated with required protocols or software to find out the minors are not gambling online.

Being a decentralized cryptocurrency which is not regulated by any government rules and banking institutions. The consequences are that Bitcoin becomes the most prevail currency staying away from the online gambling rules enforced by the government on online casinos. Due to not mentioning in rules, this anonymous attributes of Bitcoin shunt away any applicability of provisions and still regarded under a ‘grey area’. 

Although with the anonymity comes to some confusions too, according to online casinos where they do not allow certain players from some jurisdiction, they have no choice to go with proof in case of anonymity.

How Is Bitcoin Helpful In Online Gambling?

Bitcoin Casinos help in many ways. The online Casino websites are not just ordinary operators as they are licensed under the jurisdictions of Curacao and the UK. They offer many gaming opportunities to players comprising live dealer casinos, video poker, baccarat, craps, roulette, blackjack, an array of slots, mobile casino, scratch cards, keno, bingo, many table games which are available to play immediately and downloadable as well.

The operators of these gaming platforms are very prominent industry heavyweights deal with Microgaming, lay N’ Go, Evolution Gaming, Rival, RealTime Gaming, Betsoft, and Net Entertainment like named industries.

Bitcoin also comes with awarding situations, when you deposit for the first time, you sign on bonus package along with free spins while staying at home only. It is necessary to keep in mind that ahead of accepting the payments, the bonus terms and conditions should be fulfilled before a cash out time.

Another perk is that high rollers get additional benefits such as 20% cash back on the loss, special bonuses, straight-out VIP managers, lower earning requirements connected to bonuses, birthday gifts, and by collecting a sum of money they can exchange the money with a real-time amount as well.

The prominent online casinos always provide promotion scheme for players on daily, weekly and monthly basis and give the opportunity to players with bonuses, reload, comps, free spins, and cash awards for playing latest releases.

Nowadays, the Bitcoin and digital currencies usage in online gambling world are increasing successively. As the modern economy is changeable and requires the involvement of Bitcoin, it will certainly increase the worth and value of Bitcoin.  

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Things You Should Know About Online Lotteries Before Playing It

Things You Should Know About Online Lotteries Before Playing It

In the current times, the Online Lotteries are gaining popularity with each passing day and the people from all across the globe are opting this. It has made many millions from every nook and corner, which has highly motivated people to play online lotteries. Playing lotteries online is not only fun but is also faster and easier than the physical lottery stations. On the online lottery platform, you don't need to buy the ticket and keep waiting for your chance. Here you just need to go to lottery websites and log in there to start playing instantly. Also, online platforms are nowadays putting more prize amount than that of the physical one.

All the seekers and players of the online lottery must know the success story of a couple from the UK, who won  £45 million lotto jackpot for playing Euromillions online. there lifelong dream of owning own house and vehicles came true in just a flash. The couple bought a Jaguar XK and a Range Rover Evoque and gave a whopping £1.3 million gift to their friend Eddie. It just a single story and one can find much more like this in the world of online lottery.

Read More: How To Play Lottery Online – Some Tips to Win It

It must be understood that for fun, the lottery is very easy and can be played by anyone. But, if you are opting to make some grand success out of it then some strategy and planning are required. In lieu to help you out with your voyage of online lotteries, here, we have penned down some important tips that gonna help you a lot. Must imply these tips before applying to be on the advantageous side.

1) Use Secure Website:

One may find endless website available online for the lotteries, but not all of them are very trustworthy and secure. You must always choose the repeated and secure website like - bet888win for the online lotteries. By implying this tip, you can keep your data safe from the online hackers, which is the very crucial thing.

2) Check Requirements for the online lottery Website:

Read all the requirements they are looking for an online player. Read all the related documents very sincerely while logging and if you are not complying all of it then turn yourself down from there. Read the terms and conditions before choosing any website. Every website can have different rules for the rewards and prize money and one must know these before playing online lotteries, else you can suffer in the lack of knowledge about the same.

3. Check the Website Fee For Wins:

Always remember to check this segment as many could ask for a part of your winnings as the website charge. But, believe me, the genuine one will never ask this from you.

4) Check The Contact Details Of the Vendor

Never trust a website with improper contact details or with no contact details. In both cases, there may be something snoopy going inside, so it's better to confirm their contact by manually trying their mail or call numbers to be 100 percent secure.

5) Play Online Lotteries On Your Own PC And Laptops

Never use the public pc or wifi for the online lottery purpose, as they are not safe and the data related to your credit and debit card may be stolen online. So, to be completely safe it is highly advised that one should always use their own PC or laptop for online lottery playing.

The above tips are very basic but are still very worthy and one should always follow these while playing online lotteries and be hundred percent safe and secure.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Know All About The Working Of A Random Jackpot

Know All About The Working Of A Random Jackpot

Every online casino player would have come across the question inquiring about the process of Random Jackpot working at some pointy of time. If you are a gambler and love betting then you must know the answer to this to get the leverage while betting online. For the ease of bettors here we have discussed all the processes related to the Random Jackpot.

1. The working of Random Jackpot is very simple. I am damn sure that you might be acquainted well with the slot game and addition of a bonus spin to it makes you eligible for the Random Jackpot. The possibility of winning it is always a 1 in X number of chances, which one gets after the completion of the paid spin round. 

2. It must be noted that if you have some free spins bonus round then you might not be eligible for the Random Jackpot until the final round of the spin bet.

3. One can win the random jackpot based on the $1 bet and the chance of win can be further increased or decreased by putting forth more value to the bet.

Let's understand this with an example: 

A player playing the single line spin with the bet value of 1 cent has 100 times less chance of winning with respect to the player playing the same spin with $1.

4. In random jackpot, a proportion of normal spin round is kept on the stake, which in most cases is around 1.5% of the total return to the player.

5. The most of the random jackpot winners have the opinion that one should set 1 cent bet for thousand times on auto mode to enhance the chance of winning the jackpot. The main concept behind this is that the chance of winning it can be increased by the number of spins you have played and going for the 1000 spins at just 1 cent will also not incur heavy toll to the bettors.

6. There are various online betting websites like, that awards you with huge bonuses that can be used for playing the Jackpots, but, do remember that many websites will allow playing spins and jackpots with the bonus amount but will not allow the same for the random jackpot. For, that you will have to use your real money.

7. However, there are some websites like Bet888win which allows the use of bonus and reward points for the Random Jackpot. You must check the terms and conditions of all the websites sincerely.

Tips for Betting in a Live Roulette Game

Roulette is a famous casino game that involves betting on the position of the roulette ball in each spin of the roulette wheel. Live casin...